🦜 Parrot Security VPS

🦜Elevate Your Security Operations with Our Parrot Security OS VPS Workstations
Offshore, No KYC, Anonymous, no logs

- Instant Deploy ( 1 Click Deploy )
- DDoS Protection Available on Layer 3-4 over 3.2TBP/S

✏️ Step into the future of cybersecurity with our state-of-the-art Parrot Security OS VPS, the ultimate workstation for security experts and ethical hackers. Our service offers a comprehensive suite of tools for complete security and penetration testing, wrapped in a user-friendly virtual environment.

☝️ Why Our Parrot Security OS VPS?

💠 Fully-Loaded Security Suite: Dive into a pre-installed suite of security tools, saving time and resources on setup and configuration.
💠 Customizable Workstations: Tailor your VPS to meet specific project requirements with flexible configurations and dedicated resources.
💠 Global Access, Zero Compromise: Connect to your secure workstation from anywhere in the world without sacrificing performance or security.
💠 Scalable Solutions: Easily scale up as your security needs evolve, with plans designed for all levels of use, from individual researchers to large corporations.

☝️ Targeted Use Cases:

⭐️ Cybersecurity Firms: Perform in-depth security analyses and client security services efficiently.
⭐️ Academic Researchers: Use a secure environment for teaching, training, or conducting cutting-edge security research.
⭐️ Forensic Experts: Investigate digital crimes with advanced forensic tools and maintain evidence integrity.
⭐️ Penetration Testers: Run security assessments, exploit tests, and simulate cyber-attacks to strengthen defenses.
⭐️ Security Enthusiasts: Explore the vast capabilities of Parrot Security OS in a risk-free, virtual space.
⭐️ Software Developers: Securely develop and test applications against vulnerabilities.
⭐️ IT Departments: Conduct internal audits, compliance checks, and routine security maintenance.

🦜Our Parrot Security OS VPS Workstations come with robust support, ensuring you can focus on what you do best: protecting digital assets and fortifying cyber defenses, offering a private and offshore sanctuary for your cybersecurity needs

💪 Harness the power of a dedicated Parrot Security OS VPS – your ally in navigating the complex landscape of modern cybersecurity.


Ideal for beginners in cybersecurity, students, or small projects, this VPS offers the essential tools and performance for basic security tasks and learning

  • Virtualization : KVM
  • VCPU : 5 x Xeon 5600
  • RAM : 2GB DDR4
  • Storage : 45GB SSD
  • Bandwidth : 200 Mbp/s 3TB
  • DDoS Protection : Layer 3-4
Harga : 28.9 € / bulan


Geared towards professionals and medium-scale projects, this tier provides enhanced capabilities for more complex security operations

  • Virtualization : KVM
  • VCPU : 8 x Xeon 5600
  • RAM : 4GB DDR4
  • Storage : 60GB SSD
  • Bandwidth : 200 Mbp/s 5TB
  • DDoS Protection : Layer 3-4
Harga : 41.9 € / bulan


Our most powerful tier, designed for enterprises and intensive security operations, offering top-of-the-line resources for advanced cybersecurity tasks.

  • Virtualization : KVM
  • VCPU : 12 x Xeon 5600
  • RAM : 8GB DDR4
  • Storage : 100GB SSD
  • Bandwidth : 300 Mbp/s 10TB
  • DDoS Protection : Layer 3-4
Harga : 81.9 € / bulan


Experience robust cybersecurity on a budget with our Kali VPS solutions – affordable yet powerful, designed for aspiring security professionals and cost-conscious users

  • Virtualization : KVM
  • VCPU : 2 x Xeon 5600
  • RAM : 2GB DDR4
  • Storage : 30GB SSD
  • Bandwidth : 100 Mbp/s 2TB
  • DDoS Protection : Layer 3-4
Harga : 14 € / bulan